but i hope you wonder from time to time

hey guys.

today we’re going to talk about wind. see, the majority of my life “wind” has meant two things. the first is nice breeze. kite flying weather. a nice element for a picnic in the park. the second is hurricane weather, where anything above 75 mph shuts down school busses and thus cancels school. today i met a third wind.




it’s an eerie wind, one that whirs at up to fifty miles per hour and springs car doors into a hyperextended, virtually irreparable state. it drags with it dirt, debris, and tumbleweeds [which were outdated, mythical objects in my mind until recently]. it turns the sky brown and pulls at your car [a wonderful feeling after being in a rollover accident] and slips screaming through your doors [you know, ones that were sprung by said wind]. it feels as if you’re on a different planet, or worse—that a zombie apocalypse is imminent. it makes the sun seem weak as it tries unsuccessfully to cut through the storm and illuminate the sky.


it’s not unlike driving thorough a really long car wash, except there’s dirt instead of water and debris instead of soap.


it’s strange to drive down a highway at noon and see strings of cars with headlights on, lit up like a strand of christmas lights. i suppose this is how west texas celebrates christmas. happy holidays, be sure to bring a gas mask.

[title from time turned fragile by motion city soundtrack]

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