tell me what you know about dreams

i had the house reveal all planned out in my mind. i’d get before, during, and after pictures of every room and have an even, symmetrical post full of before & after's. it was beautiful {in my brain}. but of course, that’s not how it happened.

i also imagined that we’d revamp everything, move our things in, decorate, and be finished. again, not how it happened. every time we’d come close to wrapping up a project, someone would see something else that just needed to be changed. and wearily, we’d all agree and pick up our paintbrushes/hammers/knives and get to work on the next projects. it’s technically still in progress, but it’s infinitely better than when we purchased it.

we mulched the front yard.IMG-20120921-09281IMG-20120921-09282

we ripped out tile in the kitchen.


we painted every single wall in the house.IMG-20120929-09346

{and also the tops of kitchen cabinets and the cement where we ripped out tile}


we roped all of our friends into helping us every chance we got.IMG-20120922-09290IMG-20120922-09294

ripping out tile wearing a cowboy hat. be still my texas-loving heart.


we still lived in our rental house while we were in the first month of the remodeling stage. it got a little tight at the end of the month, turning into endless nights and long saturdays of hard work, but it came together beautifully. we packed up the remaining furniture into four cars and some wonderful boys heaved our piano onto a trailer and we lugged it all the way to our new house {approx. 1.3 miles away}.


and so we said goodbye to our little get-back-on-your-feet home; the football field garage with the hole made by some durable picture frames and the kitchen made for sliding across on your knees.IMG-20121029-10144IMG-20121006-09605IMG-20121031-10160IMG-20121027-10013

we celebrated with a fancy family breakfast in our new dining room with an oversized whiteboard and big plans for the future.IMG-20121028-10041IMG-20121028-10045

we lived like hoarders for a while; with boxes spilling over in the hallway, a packed garage, and mostly empty bedrooms. IMG-20121028-10040

we held off while we repainted furniture, had new carpet installed, and jace built me a hanging bed.


and then after everything was all painted and unpacked, my mom decided she wanted tile countertops. so the countertops got tiled!


i realize that there are no ‘after pictures here’. but this is a good way for me to remember how much i hate transitory living, and how the month of october felt like forever in some ways. and a reminder that hey, no matter how uninhabitable things may seem, it does get better!


tonight i’m thankful for a mother that misses me when i’m gone, for cozy stark white sheets, and brand new washers.

[title from pursuit of happiness by kid cudi]

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