a mouth of shooting stars

i am a bad friend. i am the first to admit that. there are a lot of people that i love, but very few that i keep close. i view friends like safety nets under a tightrope—staying at a distance, allowing you to do tricks and walk that unsteady wire unencumbered, but always there to catch you when you fall. and when i do fall, i have incredible friends that always know what to do. one in particular really came through a few nights ago. she drive me out into the country where we made friends with stray dogs roaming the barren fields. she put a crown on me, turned up halcyon, and drove towards the setting sun. we ended up in a town about forty minutes away, stumbled our way onto the property of an angry old man, and ended up collapsing with relief and tears of laughter when we made it out alive. we stopped at a gas station to regroup with sodas, shared shoes, and ….interesting bathroom graffiti.


photo (3)photo (4)photo (6)

all i’m really sure of is that i don’t deserve to have such solid friends. but i’ll keep ‘em.

[title from now is the start by a fine frenzy]

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