look children to the eastern sky

i wake up entirely too early for work. this may not be a fact; it may just feel like it’s too early, but that’s irrelevant. this morning when i looked outside my window there was snow. a lot of snow. and it was still coming down. i panicked. last time that there was snow, i did indeed have to go to work—but would i today? i was aware that school had been cancelled, tech classes were cancelled, and all of the county had been shut down. but i hadn’t heard from my employers. so i did what all grown ups do; frantically texted my mother. "what do i do. do people cancel work?? can i go in late? what if everyone is there sitting at the office waiting for me to walk in so they can laugh at how scared i am of snow?!" in the midst of my freakout and flying fingers, i got a call from the big head honcho at work confirming that the office was in fact closed for the day. RELIEF. IMG-20130225-11539

at first i was glad that he'd reached me before i'd started the burdensome process of showering, blow drying my hair, and staring at my closet willing an outfit to appear. and i was thrilled to have a day off of work! and then i what? i can't go back to sleep once i wake up [because evidently my body was designed to for a miserable life], especially not with the added excitement of real snow. like stuff you can make snowmen with. i was so stoked to go outside and play. but my roommates were sleeping [as they should be at 6 in the morning] and my family was one whole life threatening drive away. 

so i went outside and stared at the eerily quiet streets, admiring the way snow makes everything even—covers up all the ugly and turns all the vehicles into big white lumps. everything was quiet. no noise of cars or birds or anything, just silence. and when i finally got bone-numbingly cold i went back inside.IMG-20130225-11534

in a strange juxtaposition, i kicked my snowy boots off on my hardwood floor next to my bamboo rug under my surf pictures. i crawled into my bed [which i’d recently turned into a fort. convenient!] and turned on some trashy tv shows and curled up in my bed for eight sluggish, sheltered hours that seemed both long and short.


in the afternoon i finally dragged myself out of my cozy little fort and drove home, clenched fists gripping the steering wheel, using four wheel drive probably unnecessarily, and only sliding once before making it there alive. oh, what joy always awaits me at home.



i don’t care if it’s blurry. you can still feel the happiness of this picture.

my favorite thing about snow is how happy it makes my dog. he was made for the winter. he comes to life in the snow—frolicking and leaping and trotting and prancing and sometimes sinking deep into snow banks. it is a joyful thing to see.

sometimes i like to feed him human food from a plate. just so that he feels like one of us. he will lick the plate clean and then flop down in the kitchen, waiting for someone to feed him again. IMG-20130225-11572

pathetic, really.

[title from miserabile visu by anberlin]

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