some throwback thursday bidness

not because i subscribe to cultural trends. just because alyssa happened to send me this picture today and i almost didn’t remember it. and it is thursday, after all.

it was christmas eve with the evers [what a fun little tongue twister]. i had recently been released from the hospital [you know, for the second time that year] and had my unattractive bangs [that i now refer to as a scalp pet…why do i keep making these poor decisions?]. i’m not sure who wanted whataburger so badly, but i’m pretty sure it was me. i talked it up real big because i wanted everyone to jump on my whataburger craving bandwagon and i insisted that it would be open on christmas eve, because whataburger is always open.

….except for christmas eve, apparently. so with shoulders weighed down with disappointment we trudged into a nearby mcdonalds. alyssa and i ended up with kids’ meals complete with punch out moustaches and DIY palm trees—an impressive and well thought out combination, in my opinion. and so, in my medically induced state and shrouded by my forehead skirt, this was created:

image (3)

you’re welcome. happy thursday.

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