steal my soul from me

i went to my grandma’s funeral last weekend and realized that there were a lot of misconceptions about my life. so i thought i’d do a tiny state-of-the-union [-of-my-life] post.
no, i do not live with my mother. i visit often, but i live here:IMG-20121206-10763
{here is also in texas, just twenty minutes away from her. ya know, in case they have some baking emergencies. you laugh, but it has happened. multiple times.}
i no longer drive the beloved truck. sniff. i drive a jeep named kocoum that is good at mudding and great at getting good gas mileage.IMG-20130110-11268
i work. down in the texas equivalent of an industrial district. there are lots of trucks, lots of cotton fields, and lots of boys. three of my favorite things. IMG-20130107-11259
i don’t actually work here. i work in a real office. but this is pretty representative of it.
oh yeah. i got a haircut. it always looks GREAT. without fail.
rockin the beiber swoop. wooooo
and i still take pictures of random trees and stuff so i guess everything else is pretty normal. the end. or however the president closes those things.
[title from my blood by ellie goulding]

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