waste days in foreign places

about a thousand years ago (or maybe a few weeks, same thing) i went to san antonio. we didn’t fly—we drove. that’s something that’s been an adjustment with texans; they just love to drive everywhere. it may have something to do with cost but what i really think is that they just love ol’ texas so much that they jump at the chance to spend hours staring at it. so instead of the stress of an airport, they coax their cars across straight, flat roads, through the heat of the setting sun and the nothingness of night. because they love texas. just a theory.

and so i spent the six-ish hours watching the sunset stretched across the backseat of a wonderful-smelling jetta, alternating between tucking my knees into my chest and sprawling out with my feet resting on the window. "comfortable" for me means not sitting still. whatever contorted position my body is in, even if it's comfortable , only feels good for a matter of minutes. tossing and turning is my idea of relaxation. i think this may be a deep psychological issue.

san antonio was absolutely beautiful. it was incredibly humid and happened to be overcast that weekend, but it was so hugely reminiscent of florida that i was thrilled. it was green and rainy and full of diversity (well, compared to lubbock anyway).

we lazily wandered through the alamo (not much to see after all the buildup it gets) and thee surrounding grounds.IMG-20130209-11379IMG-20130209-11380IMG-20130209-11381IMG-20130209-11383flowers! real, live flowers!IMG-20130209-11385IMG-20130209-11386IMG-20130209-11387IMG-20130209-11388IMG-20130209-11391

i also heard a lot of talk about the riverwalk and how impressive it is. i had a different encounter with it: my only viewing of it was midday through a mall window, where we peered down to see a girl who was evidently filming some sort of music video. IMG-20130209-11393

she would awkwardly pause and attempt to be nonchalant every time a tour boat passed by, sending me into little fits of hysteria that brought me strange stares from the boys i was with. one way or another, the riverwalk=entertaining.IMG-20130209-11394IMG-20130209-11395

the house we stayed at was an hour outside of san antonio, way out in wine country.IMG-20130209-11396IMG-20130209-11398IMG-20130209-11399IMG-20130209-11401

i saw a lot of wine and ate a lot of food; encountering quail for the first time and eating brisket burritos for breakfast. i slept until noon two days in a row. my skin cleared up and my hair wasn’t all dry and stick like for the first time in a long time. absolute heaven.

[title from i’ll hold my breath by ellie goulding]

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  1. I would love to travel with you! Is it the things you see that I like, or the way you see them?