pineapple coconut rum

i’d hate to oversell anything with a gross hyperbole, but a few weeks ago i had the best twenty four hours of my life. the bitter, vengeful winter took a break from hating me and the sun came out in full force and it just so happened that my friend was house sitting and needed company. in the pool.IMG_0303

oh my majestic.



we turned on music, laid out towels, and stretched out our bodies, inviting the sun to darken every inch of skin. the routine went as usual; sit in the sun until you’re dreary and drowsy from the heat, then dive in the icy water for a shocking, awakening relief. absolute bliss.IMG_0307


the afternoon encompassed every one of the sensations i miss from summer: the combination of chlorine and salty skin, what it does to your hair and skin and heart. the way it feels when your skin gets stretched tight from the sun. the cool drinks, the hot sun, the coconut smell of tanning oil. it is everything i love in life.



we stayed outside forever, talking about nothing and everything and life and people and what kind of pizza to get for dinner. we watched the sun slip away and eventually the cold chased us inside.


we ate dinner and watched the office and i passed up a bed to sleep on the floor. the next morning i woke up as the sun was rising and couldn’t resist heading back outside. it was breathtakingly beautiful and utterly peaceful.




naturally, we spent the rest of the morning soaking up more sun. though i wish the warm weather had lasted forever, it was enough to keep me going. but oh i can’t wait until summer.

[title from tip it back by florida georgia line]


  1. You reconnected with the inner-Florida deep inside.

  2. What a beautiful post! I think you should keep it forever ;)