opening skies with your broken keys

I've been struggling the last few weeks (months?). I've been weighed down by lots of things, the biggest being my desire to remain unhappy. I’m habitually bad at living in the past, reminiscing on how good my last phase of life was, never really appreciating how good the current one may be. But this morning, after a night of rain and a breaking of the clouds, something changed. I felt hopeful for the future, like things were maybe looking up. There are some changes happening and lots more tentatively waiting in the wings. Having something to look forward to—to plan and hope for—that’s what keeps me going. Sitting stationary has only ever brought sadness. Here’s to the future!

and to my lovely mother, who started in on a bright future today with her new husband!

i had the pleasure of taking some pictures of them after the ceremony. she may kill me for sharing the photos here first, but she's on a remote-island honeymoon, so there's not a whole lot she can do about it. 

luckily she is still stunning.

and luckily i am still hilarious.

congratulations woman!

[title from spectrum by zedd]


  1. I love reading your blog. It makes you feel not so far away.

  2. Miss you, Love you... It's been such a long time.
    Brazilian hugs your way, Bridian.


  3. Such a long time... Love you and miss you, Bridian.
    Huge Brazilian hugs,