no matter where i'm at, no matter where i go

for cara. circa february 2012.

dear fashion bloggers,

i appreciate all the effort you're making, showing people how to get dressed and stuff. really, i do. but you're doing it all wrong. i know that you don't consider me one of you, since i rarely straighten, curl, or even brush my hair. nevertheless, I've decided to show you how you can make your posts a little better.

number one: invest in a trampoline.

i would like to see less of you on the ground. it's the 21st century people; we're way beyond just standing around. not only will it make your pictures way more interesting to look at, i guarantee it will make your photoshoots a hundred times more entertaining. and at least ten time more physically demanding.

and let's talk about the facial expressions. i'm not a huge fan of the gazing-into-the-distance thing. nobody is really that pensive about clothing or modeling. let's be real here. 

your face should express how you're really feeling. even if you feel like this inside:

or, if you feel like you're just not all there one day, don't include your face. it's not that big of a deal. i mean, you're blogging about your clothes, not your face. 

you don't need your killer smile all of the time. just sometimes.

and if you must go all america's next top model on us, use a little creativity. cut off your legs and choose a new hairstyle:

or maybe show different aspects of the clothes, like what kind of shadows it will make.

don't ever underestimate the power of props. demonstrate the versatility of the clothes. people may know that the look nice, but can they be used to climb ropes?

and more importantly, are they durable? do they hold up well when you fall off of the rope?

now there's a face for fashion

fashion, just like everything, is about how well you can get up after you fall down. don't be afraid to take it literally. 

a big thank you (and a happy birthday!) to my willing, committed model for putting her heart, soul, and backside into this photoshoot.

[title from radio by hot chelle rae]

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