we had a party.

well, my mom and rick had a party. i just made the food.

it was an incredibly labor intensive task. i started days before the party, baking & piping & flooding sugar cookies [technical terms, no actual floods involved]. despite my urgency and my week long head start, it suddenly got to saturday and there was a lot to be done. i roped everyone i could into helping. rick made the deviled eggs again, jace made hundreds of trips to the store for the ingredients i kept remembering, and everyone else was put to work mixing, beating, stuffing, baking, garnishing, and washing the ever-dirty pans.
some were more excited than others...
 it was a long stressful day. i wasn't entirely sure that we shouldn't just cancel the party and cut our losses. but then i walked into the dining room. my mom had been decorating with just the things we had on hand--christmas tree ornaments, thanksgiving decorations, etc--and it just looked perfect. it was elegant and simple and everything matched. i regained a little bit of hope and quite a bit of momentum.

admire these cookies--the culprit of my early onset arthritis

i tried to keep my cool, but my heart kept having little palpitations of joy every time i would bring out food and find a place to set it on the table. for once things worked out better than i'd envisioned them in my head. the food looked beautiful and the silver and gold were just perfect and the pictures i got as we were setting up were enough to make the whole party worth it. 

I DID THIS! well except for the shrimp puffs, my mom made those.

.....and then the party started. i got this picture:

that was about it. what i didn't get a picture of was the mayhem that ensued as the droves of people came barreling in the door. as soon as it turned six thirty no less than twenty people walked in the door. seriously. this ain't no mormon party. 

it was packed. i can't even begin to estimate how many people were there. at least three hundred through the course of the night, but probably more. the just kept coming in huge waves, piling up their plates and emptying platters faster than i could fill them. it was a thousand degrees in the kitchen as i ran back and forth, scrambling to get more food out and trying to see how many plates i could balance on one arm [answer: not a whole lot]. i frantically scrambled the whole night, only running to hide in the garage once. 

my finest moment was when i was hurriedly making another batch of punch. we'd frozen lemon and raspberries into muffin tins, making hockey-puck-sized ice cubes. i was throwing them into the bowl as fast as i could. i thought maybe i should stop throwing them so hard and so fast. right as i thought that one went through the side of the glass bowl and all the punch rushed out the side and all over the kitchen. oops.

at the end of it all my back was aching. my feet were stinging. the floors were dirty, the kitchen was a wreck, and the house was littered with trash. but we still had some food left. no one went home hungry.  we were even raking in some compliments on the food. i'd deem the night a success. though it'll probably be next christmas before i take on a task like that again, i'm still high fivin' myself for it [with my sore arms]. 

i just wanted this picture here.
[title from be the young by yellowcard]


  1. HOLY COW that looks amazing! If you ever just want to make food or throw a party for someone I am willing to be that person!

    1. DONE. name a time and place. hopefully you eat less than 300 people do.