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thanksgiving sucked.

it was a stressful, eventful four days of cooking, crying, and family pictures. i cried while i prepped appetizers. i cried while driving around with my siblings in the backseat. i cried while we dropped rolls off at my apartment to rise because we were out of space at my mom's house. i was stressed, tired, drained, and lonely a midst the sea of people that swarmed in for the festivities. so yeah, happy holidays. 

here were the highlights:

-baking a feast at my mom & rick's house. they have overly abundant counter space, three ovens, two fridges, etc. i used up every bit of space, littering the counters with ingredients and discarded cream cheese wrappers. i filled up the deep double sinks multiple times with pots, pans, whisks, and spatulas. i shoved, crammed, and stuffed every baking dish they owned into the fridges. the best part about it was that there were cleanup crews following me as i went along, which meant i didn't have to wash the pans that i dirtied. 

-taking a picture of my two baby sisters and realizing they're adults. this was a highlight for me, probably not so much for my mom. sniff. 

-normal frivolity occurred.

-the morning of thanksgiving, when i was already about six hours behind schedule, i was racing around the kitchen trying to get things flowing, rick walked into the kitchen. without a word, he washed all the dishes in the sink. he then started looking around for something else to do. he apologetically reminded me that he had "no skills in the kitchen", but all i really needed was hands. he started peeling hard boiled eggs, gaining more confidence with each egg. he gained so much, in fact, that he ended up making the deviled eggs completely own his own! well, with my watchful, micromanaging eye. but his eagerness to help, despite his lack of cooking ability, warmed my cold grinch heart.

-i made my own butter! making something as simple as butter probably wasn't the best idea at a meal as hectic as thanksgiving. i don't really know if anyone even tried it. regardless, it was satisfying enough for me to feel like a proper little-house-on-the-prairie girl. laura ingalls wilder [and ms. turner, who read those books to us] would be so proud.

-good ol' fashioned family bonding time at my apartment:

-all the family at my mom's house. this wasn't even all of the cars, just all the ones i could fit into one picture [which i took standing on the hood of my car]. 

-rolls that looked like butts

the best part of the night was about half an hour before dinner. we'd just finished taking family pictures [family pictures. as i was trying to make a thanksgiving dinner. yep.] and i rushed into the kitchen to get everything assembled, plated, and served. except this time everyone followed. my mom, rick, my siblings, lys and jeremy, rick's kids, jace's friend, everybody followed into the kitchen and what ensued was a thrilling rendition of iron chef. everyone had tasks. every oven and burner was fired up, warming and toasting and simmering. people ran in and out of the kitchen, bringing in empty serving dishes and leaving with them full, decorated, and ready for the table. i ran around like there was a fire--barking orders, piping appetizers, and checking the menu for the thousandth time to make sure i hadn't missed anything. 

we busted out the fanciest wine glasses and the paper plates [that's just how we roll]. jeremy carved the turkey and we had three independent courses of appetizers, mains&sides, and dessert, all seperated by segments of the football game where tech got wrecked. but that's neither here nor there.
i only got a full picture of the appetizers. so what.

we ate. and ate and ate and ate. i think everyone was full after trying all of the appetizers, but that didn't stop anyone. everyone was stuffed and exhausted at the end of the night. 

this is my favorite picture of the whole weekend. she is so precious. when she's asleep anyway...

and the very, very best part about thanksgiving was that when it was all over i retreated back to my apartment, watched the office and didn't wash a single dish. if only i had someone to hold a frozen chicken to my face.

[title from this is what it feels like by armin van buuren. like the president.]


  1. It must have been something in the air because I cried pretty much all of Thanksgiving weekend too! Your appetizers look awesome!

    P.S. We use paper plates too. With big families it is so worth it-- much less clean up :-)

  2. Hi Bridian,
    I must confess...I read your blog all the time without responding. But today, when you mentioned Laura Ingalls Wilder and me in the same sentence...I couldn't resist!!! How egocentric of me. I do apologize! Thank you so much for continuing to write. I still hope to reconnect with you on one of your trips to Ft. Lauderdale.
    Ms. Turner