skin and bones

scenes from saturday:

my parents' back pack patio froze over. it made for a great makeshift skating rink; it was especially entertaining watching mozzie try to gain traction on the ice. 

kenyan decided to go the 'penguin' route.

mozzie, bored with our antics and small minds, picked up his bone and trotted off. 

our noses and fingers were frozen (and kenyan's feet, as she didn't want to put shoes on...sigh...) and to be honest our butts were hurt from falling down. we threw in the towel and went inside to warm up.

then, of course, we became interesting to lonely ol' mozzie (ya know, like crazy ol maurice). 

it was much like winter is supposed to be, numbly defrosting fingers by the fire, laying out stockings, unpacking hideous ornaments, hand painted by enthusiastic yet untalented children. 

this wasn't ugly, this was cool. as is my one little anchor nail.

please look past the double chin on my forearm to kenyan's deranged photobombing face.
there was laughter. much laughter. much of which was captured on my phone and forbidden from ever being shared publicly. this was all i was allowed to share:

it was nice to be driven inside by the cold. everyone was truly happy--happy to be around each other, even if we were just working and cleaning and eating tortillas. i'm gonna miss this.

[title from yellow by coldplay]

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