cold concrete

my life feels surreal. i'll just be walking down the street and stop and think to myself "i'm in denmark!" [london, brussels, france, etc] and it will be the most novel and exciting thing.

in a lot of ways, europe is a world away from the states. toilets, food, transportation, houses, everything is different here. i mean, i took a train from france to england. a train! i can think of two places in the united states where a train isn't an outdated form of travel, and only one of them is actually useful [and i mean proper trains, not subways]. despite it being routine and commonplace for everyone here, it is so endlessly exciting to me.
train station in france

i have to say, the most refreshing thing about being in london was the fact that everyone spoke english. everything was written in english. for the first time since leaving texas, i felt like i was able to actually communicate, understand, and navigate without difficulty. 

the view from my hotel room! perfect for people watching and judging their drunken, late night decisions

 i ventured to picadilly circus one night. i encountered a lot of street performers and a lot of creepy guys. one in particular asked me to take his picture in front of the street corner, saying he just needed proof that he was finally here. he said he was just in town for a few days and needed to document all he could. he tried to start a conversation afterwards but i said goodnight and kept walking. i saw him the next day, clearly employed at a department store. ha. great strategy, dude.

i got to spend quite a bit of time in covent garden; most of that time was spent at the apple store trying desperately to revive my laptop that died a few days prior. the laptop pulled through, but without any of my data. which has always been one of my longstanding nightmares. 

most of the morning was freezing, windy, and drizzly. so much that i broke down and bought my first real, grown up coat. 

i blended in pretty nicely. 

lunch was at a cozy little italian place, in which i had the simplest, most delicious meal i've probably ever had:

you guys, i like food. i like to cook; the more intricate and complicated, the better. i never thought that this simple, fresh platter would be the best meal i've ever had. it was filling, though split between two people. it was flavorful. it was so satisfying. and i am now totally addicted to sundried tomatoes. 

after lunch the sun had come out and the wind had died down a bit and covent garden was looking particularly beautiful.

 i think it's impossible to pass through covent garden without doing any sort of shopping. i found a pimpin' hat and some shoes to go with. sadly, i didn't spring for either.

 and then, ya know, more london things:

the coolest, most enticing gay bar i've ever seen. probably just because of the anchor.
it was a pretty exhausting day i went home and rested for a bit before venturing out that night. i must have done some serious walking this trip--my beloved boots that i got for my birthday [in november] are completely worn out. the soles are worn and the heel of the right foot is totally gone. it didn't stop me from exploring all night. the city was alive and bustling until well after two in the morning, at which time my sore feet were happy to get back home and get to sleep.

[title from big apple heartbreak by yellowcard]

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