dreams come slow

the last few days in texas i was in this weird bubble. nothing felt real and i spent most of my time crying. i took some cool pictures though:

instead of packing and doing laundry and being responsible, i went to a birthday lunch and got talked into going to see the nutcracker. as much as i was reluctant to go, it ended up being a really big deal for me. it seems now like it was a shadow of things to come; it was a tiny, tiny reminder that i used to really enjoy ballets and classical music and things that present some form of culture. i've ended up listening to tchaikovsky as a soundtrack to this trip and being reminded for the millionth time that listening to my mother [who encouraged me to go--both to the nutcracker and to europe] is always a good idea.

even if it means my apartment is left immortalized in christmas decorations and scattered with throw pillows.

how do these pillows get thrown about anyway? i genuinely have no recollection of this. and i live alone...

[title from let her go by passenger]

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  1. Ummm I think he pillows might have something to do with Jace and um maybe Ben and the twins. .they did use your apartment as a bachelor pad for a few days! Glad you are having a great time! Love ya . . Cathy