the wild side

i'm writing this from the basement of my mom & ricks' house. i'm on a couch, between an air hockey table and a foosball table. behind me kenyan is setting up a movie on the projector and aria is turning on the popcorn machine. this room is bigger than our floridian living room and family room combined. it's definitely a different life over here.

my mom went to visit my sister [and freshly born baby!] soon after i got home, leaving me with her car keys and best wishes. since then it's been 5:30 wake up calls, endless hours cranking out breakfasts, dinners, and packed lunch boxes, organizing closets, buying new towels, and endless school car lines for me. it's been brilliant. this is where i thrive.

i swear, she is 11 going on 33
for dinner tonight i'd planned to grill. it was thrilling to be back in texas where the sun actually shines [i rarely saw it in europe]. naturally, today was a whopping eighteen degrees. being the stubborn, grilled-food-lovin' fiend that i am, i bundled up and grilled anyway. 

grill marks make everything taste better. 

it was too cold to do s'mores outside, so we moved it inside over the gas stove.

as we all settled down to watch quest for camelot [all time favorite!] i thought i'd dump some pictures onto my computer. unfortunately [and as should have been expected], most of them were of the dogs. 

the dogs have been incredibly entertaining. when i got back from europe, they'd altered the configuration of the dogs [as seen here]. i attribute it all to jace; all the dogs are in the main backyard and all seem to get along well. mozzie is thrilled to have friends to harass and the mastiffs like to gnaw on him. he doesn't seem to mind…to each their own. 

despite fervent efforts, the backyard constantly looks like a war zone. there are constantly half eaten towels and sleeping bags, and the dogs lounge around looking like a string of corpses. 

they're still blissfully obnoxious, running to the glass-paneled doors anytime they sense human movement and banding together to create a chorus of barking anytime the neighborhood cat strolls by. i'm certain the cat does it just to torment them. 

we go through about a bag of dog food a day and they treat the rocks under the playground as a litter box, but it makes me happy to see them all running around playing with each other. 

so yeah. i've been watching the dogs wrestle with each other, cooking meals and doing dishes. i've been organizing and de-cluttering, hoping my mom will enjoy coming home to less 'stuff'. heaven knows they've got plenty of it. 

kenyan's started to try her hand at cooking, and i couldn't be more proud. not one to start with the easy tasks, she made an elaborate chicken dish the other night. it was divine. i was probably more proud than her.

i did find the keys to my apartment and my car, but i've stayed content to live in the pug shirt. 

sidenote: freestanding sinks are my favorite thing about this house. 
i'm fairly certain their guest bedroom is bigger than my whole apartment, increasing the incentive to crash here for the next few days. 

annnd that's about it. i'm back where i should be, driving around with the windows down. i've got no idea where i'm going next, but that doesn't seem to matter tonight. 

[title from the ending by ellie goulding]


  1. Beautiful dogs (a few sizes bigger than ours...) and love your last picture!

  2. Thanks for the Texas update, let's pretend you wrote it just for me ;)
    Freestanding sinks are amazing. I may habe told Gabe bwfore we got married that I want at least one in my home.
    We're considering another dog, now I'm not so sure hahaha.
    I need to pay you to come and declutter and cook for us. Although I can't promise a guest bedroom nearly as large ;)

  3. Freshly born baby. Great choice of words.

  4. I'm with Scarlett. "Freshly born" sounds like mom came out here to eat him.