coup de grâce

okay so back when i was in charge, i was obviously doing an awesome job keeping everyone fed and alive [you can't ask for more than that]. we just encountered one slight hiccup. aria is in this fancy pants cotillion class, learning manners and such at the country club on the other side of town.

one night she had a 'ball' of sorts. she had to wear a fancy dress and be on time. that was all i had to do. sounds simple, right?

no. not with me.

for some reason i had in my mind that it started at seven. it was five thirty and i was determining if i had time to take a nap [hey, parenting is hard] and thought i'd just look at the invitation one more time. to my shock and horror, the start time was six. -insert swear words here-

i ran into arias room, only to find that she was still in the shower. -more swear words-

i yelled for kenyan to bring in two hair dryers. we plugged them in and formed an impressive hair styling team, each working a side of her head, combing out tangles and drying in a fury. eventually her hair was dry enough to be presentable. she threw on a dress, posed for a a quick snap, and jumped in the car. it was as she climbed into the passengers seat that i noticed a massive stain on her dress. we had twenty minutes left and the country club was about seventeen minutes away. -more swear words-

we [kenyan, aria, and i] barreled out of the car back through the front door and sprinted down the hallway for the world's fastest wardrobe change. i floored it while kenyan sat in the back and fixed aria's hair, tying in the ribbon with precision.

we got there about five minutes early [don't do the math on that one], just enough time to take a few pictures for posterity's sake. and the sake of my photo-lovin'-mother.

of course, one half of the hair-and-makeup team had to get in there for a picture or two. 

yeah, we're related.

and so she made it to the cotillion ball on time, with dry hair and a clean dress. if that's not a win, i don't know what is. 

 [title from silvia by miike snow]

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  1. I can't even describe how hard I'm laughing. Nice work team.