do anything for the boy


-i found this sick tank top, with neon-ness to match my personality. i lived in it when i wasn't outside in the cold. i found it in my suitcase, but that's irrelevant.

-technically these were found in belgium, but we're just going to go with it. on christmas day while skyping with my family i learned that jace had received tools for christmas. i decided to go with the theme and bought him some of the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth tools in the world. unfortunately by the time i got back to 'murica they were all broken into little, tiny pieces. but it's the thought that counts


-i found a grocery store that had an orange juicing machine. that's right. there was just a bin of oranges on top that slowly dropped produce into a tunnel that sliced them and dropped them in the orange presser. fresh oj, mid winter, in denmark. that's whatsup. 

somehow i feel like 'appel' doesn't translate to 'orange', but these tastebuds don't lie

-i found a mailbox. magic. i managed to drop one postcard while i was there, to a guy i've only known for a few months. i'm not sure that it even made it to america; the danish postmaster probably read my lame "hey there….love, bridian" message and just threw it in the trash. 

 -i found….a berry bush. i dunno, i just liked this picture.

-i found a sign, completely in danish. no idea what it means, but i'm sure my great-great-grandchildren will look back at this sign and admire me for my brave, adventurous spirit. 

-i found a half finished building. did i ever tell you that i worked for a construction company? well everything that i learned there tells me that this is all wrong. 

-i found [and did not get murdered in] a tunnely walkway with graffiti. it doesn't get better than this, kids. 
 -i found a bunch of fake people to be friends with. check out the worn out, bullet-holed booty on that one girl.

-found: the most interesting book in the world. 

-i found a beautiful silk scarf [80 kroner], green tights [40 kroner], and a leather satchel [200 kroner.] blending into the people of denmark: priceless. 

alright, this is getting really long. just use your eyes and i'll use my camera:

-i found that danish department stores aren't that different from etsy. 

-i found that danish women are rugged and tough. wearing rough boots and coats, being terse, man powering their way through stores…they're kind of my new idol. 

-i found….everything i needed...and more.

translation: don't have sex in our bathrooms.

-i found….the best pasta salad in the word. listen here, guys. stick with me. guess where i bought this pasta salad, that i ate 6 days out of 7. I BOUGHT IT FROM 7-11. yes. yes. i know. those lil stores are different there; they're not attached to gas stations. they're high class and sought after because they're 'american'. whatever it was, this pasta salad was crave worthy and i'm still trying to recreate it. 

-i found that canadian air serves you best from amsterdam to toronto.  i had all the legroom in the world. although canada in general turned out to be a bad idea; i was detained by security for hours because the screws and plates in my body weren't something american security wants in their country, apparently. but that is a story for another day. 

[post script: my #$^&* autocorrect kept changing "they're" to "there're".  is this some kind of cruel joke?!?!]

[title from can't remember to forget you by shakira, rihanna, and everyone else in the world]


  1. do tell of your exploits through canada as well. you have such grand adventures!

  2. I agree with Eric. Did you travel with anyone, or did you go alone?