my side of town

i am so stoked about this.

this, folks, is my apartment.

i've never gotten on pinterest and logged away ideas for my dream home. i've always loved living in a blue-toned, beach themed environment, but have had no real desire to have a structure or a plan. i just acquire things that stand out to me and it all seems to come together.

let's start with the outside:
you may think it's sketchy to put a picture of the outside of my apartment on the internet, but even with specific instructions visitors can't find it so i'm not concerned.
the best thing about my apartment is that my living room window faces a main road. meaning that when i spend my evenings go-go dancing, passerby's get to watch a silhouette with wicked dance moves.

this is my very adult, sophisticated bookcase decorated with a postcard from tonga, a piggy bank from aria, and topped with a piƱata. i've got to start collecting more books. 

yes, that is a christmas tree in my living room. i saved my pennies to buy it last christmas. the blue star was quite an accomplishment; it was near the eight-foot-high ceiling of hobby lobby and kenyan and i went to neck breaking risks to acquire it. at any rate, once i put it up i didn't want to take it down. i liked the color and brightness it brought to the room. it also makes for an excellent backlight when i'm writing and watching the office [pretty much the only thing that plays on my tv].

alright, i'm incredibly proud of this idea. i always come home with 'souvenirs' from my trips; basically trash that i keep out of obligation and throw away as soon as i hit my next round of deep cleaning and decide it's useless. this time i was bound and determined not to let that happen. i came home, unpacked my suitcase, and sat down next to my pile of laundry and started making these frames; one for every country i had scraps from. i put them in wooden frames and hung them on my wall. boom. decorating my walls with trash, that's how i roll.

not to sound super crafty or anything [these are pretty much the only two projects i've ever done] but that piece up furniture right there was black when i bought it [for $5, thank you very much!] i sanded it and sanded it and sanded it. i had the dust of black paint all over my face and in my lungs and under my nails for days, but it was worth it. i painted it white and carefully painted the drawers blue and man that was a satisfying feeling. i will probably keep this forever. [female sign was jada's :)]

dang it. did not mean to cover up her face.

okay, stick with me here--this is my favorite part. the bedroom.

okay i lied. three crafty things. i made this star wall out of paint samples and fishing wire. i took up swearing during the course of this project; trying to thumbtack invisible fishing line into a popcorn ceiling is a task for someone with patience. 

i love my bedroom. i love that it's mostly blue and has a huge wave mural on the wall and surf pictures that sometimes fall down at night and sound like a serial killer is in my bedroom. i love that it's cozy and bright and makes me feel like i'm not in the middle of a cold and dry desert. 

 oh yeah, i also have a bathroom. with a seahorse shower curtain that i ordered on the internet and checked my mailbox for my hopes were shattered day after day until i realized it had been sent to our old house [ya know, the one that we remodeled and then moved out of?]

 having a place of my own is the best decision i've ever made. it's so peaceful, having a place where i can come home and be alone. it's so easy to keep clean, and simultaneously so hard :). it feels so good to be independent, to have something that i made, that i created, that i built up from scratch. something that i made on my own. and the view is not half bad either.

[title from neon moon by garth brooks]