pouring rain

forgive me for being all over the place, literally and metaphorically, but this is the last of london.

when i went to germany in '09 i learned about europe and their water. it's become pretty common to me, but i forget how weird it is when i try to explain it to people back home. they do not drink tap water. they don't have soda dispensers with water buttons. ordering water as a drink means getting a special & fancy bottle of water. as someone who doesn't drink much else, i went through a lot of glass bottles. also, the popular water there is sparkling, so still water has to be requested. i learned this the hard way back in germany, but i really got it down this trip.

speaking of ordering, i couldn't leave london without trying fish and chips.

 this particular plate was served to me at two-thirty in the morning, which is why i looked so stunning :)

i really, really didn't like it. the fish or the chips. putting tartar sauce on it was worse, as expected, and putting vinegar on them [as is customary] was worse. and on the way back from the fish and chips fail, my friend and i stopped at the M&M store. ya know, to get the full london cultural experience. i hear there's no better place to be at three in the morning than an M&M store.

 the next day was more touring of london with a beautifully overcast sky.

 this tour was led by sam, the most incredible taxi driver i have ever met. she was hilarious and had lots of stories to tell. she knew everything about everything and had anecdotes about all the strange things she'd seen and done. one particular story stuck with me. we passed the great fire of london monument, and she gave a brief story. when asked what started the fire, she said "oh, probably me in another life, putting out a fag improperly". i think the historians may have documented that one wrong.

alright, one last story. people who know me well know my mild obsession with chipotle. i eat there at least once a week. i think it was one of the things i missed most while i was gone. well one night i was dangerously bravely wandering the streets [alone, at night, unfamiliar big city, oops]. i was getting tired and my feet were starting to hurt and i was worried i might have started being a little lost. i told myself i could go one block further before heading back to the hotel. i rounded a corner and you'll never guess what i saw. 

 that's right. a chipotle. all the way around the world in downtown london. it was closed for the night and i didn't dare go back, aiming for the most authentic experience possible. however the day i got home i went straight from the airport to chipotle. ha.

chipotle aside, london was an incredible city. it was one of my favorites that i visited, full of life and busyness, bustling with people from around the world. i'm already planning my next trip back, and it can't come soon enough.

[title from come back song by daruis rucker]

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