a saturated sunrise

i have screenshots of brittany spears' instagram saved on my phone.
there is a guy here lifting weights and making noises as though he will get exponentially stronger the louder he is.
i'm trying to make new friends, or rekindle old friendships, rather unsuccessfully.
i bought a brand new macbook [the beautiful, thin, 2016 gold edition] and three weeks later kicked over a cup of water onto it.
it should be cold, but it was ninety-three degrees today.

i picture my happiness and wellbeing as a graph; a blue line rising and falling against a perfect white background. we hit an all time low this summer, but the good news is that we're on the incline now. which unfortunately means that things are getting harder as much as they are getting better. i am actively working on being happy, but it is difficult. i feel like that's a pretty good summation of my life at the moment.

and so, some events of summer! [before everything fell apart]

we discovered that the dollar store around the corner from our house sold inflatable floats. the first time we made this discovery was when peyton was here. we piled in the back of the car, shredding open the packaging in the parking lot and furiously huffing, realizing what a daunting task it would be to ever get them full. we also made the brilliant discovery that tanning on pool floats was vastly superior to tanning on the pool chairs. and so we spent the days lounging half submerged in the water and lazily draping arms and legs over the side in an effort to combat the 100+ degree weather. Some of the floats were ruined by heat or taken away by the wind or were ripped to shreds by mozzie, the perpetual puppy. but we were never discouraged, buoyed up by the low price and proximity of an endless supply. we also gained incredible lung strength.

ah yes, the summer of gymnastics. just kidding. gymnastics is year round for aria. it means a lot of out of town meets--hours of driving and seeing who has the best road trip music. for me it also means hours of going through several thousand photos to find the one perfect action shot. sometimes it means laying in the shade post sunburn and watching her practice.

it was so hot this summer. so many days where the temperature climbed over a hundred degrees. kat and i tried to go to the farmers market one morning. we were there before nine and it was already ninety degrees. we stood in line, the heat stifling leaving us dripping in sweat within minutes. we did get to try some delicious samples from local caterers, whose proximity to their stoves and boiling vats of oil i did not envy. 

mozzie got a little more attention this summer, the scathing heat giving us more excuses to bring him inside. he was fascinated with and horrified by kenyan's bird.

it was a painfully long summer, one that hasn't really ended yet. i'm hoping for a change of season soon, an end to this summer of storms. 


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