word of the year, 2016

HEADACHE—noun: a continuous pain in the head; a pain located in the head, as over the eyes, at the temples, or at the base of the skull, or in all these places at once, like when everything is conspiring to make your head implode. Like when the weight of your decisions crushes you, when you get buried with shovelfuls of failure and failure and failure, when you can feel a physical pain at the base of your neck, physically wincing as life kicks you in the back of the head, how dare you try and stand up again! When the hope is beaten out of you like an enraged scorned lover beating blows with a baseball bat, beating and beating until they can see brains falling out and then beating some more. Karma’s a bitch and life’s a bitch and these bitches are mad at you and they’re going to get their revenge. Beating and beating and beating and you crawl into bed and everything on Netflix makes your head hurt and your head hurts in your sleep and your brain won’t shut off or it’s already off and wont turn back on, I can’t tell anymore. And your head hurts when you get out of bed and your head hurts when you’re in bed and all the xanax and percocet and promethazine in the world won’t stop it, the beat just keeps beating louder. It’s like that film from fourth grade science, where the boxing kangaroos lean back on their tails and just start kicking. They’re all on their tails standing behind me, hammering me with their alternating feet. At what point can I call this a migraine? 

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